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Barrackpore Cantonment a town located in the neighborhood of Barrackpore to the north of Kolkata in the state of West Bengal, India.

The first British Barrack or Cantonment in India was built in the town 1765 and Warren Hastings took over as the first Governor General on 20th October, 1774, gradually the importance of Barrackpore Cantonment elevated. After the British crown assumed direct control of India, the sprawling Government House and the Government Estate were built in Barrackpore to provide the viceroy with a suburban residence 15 miles (24 km) outside of Calcutta.

Two rebellions against British authority took place in Barrackpore Cantonment. The first of these was Barrackpore Mutiny of 1824, led by Sepoy Bindee Tiwary. In this rebellion, 47th Bengal Native Infantry refused to board boats to cross the sea for various reasons including social taboo “Kala pani (taboo)” to Burma in the First Anglo-Burmese War. Consequently, British-manned artillery fired upon them and “erased” them. In 1857, Barrackpore was the scene of an incident that some credit with starting of the Indian Rebellion of 1857: an Indian soldier, Mangal Pandey, attacked his British commander, and was subsequently court-martialed. His regiment was disbanded, an action which offended a number of sepoys and is considered to have contributed to the anger that fueled the rebellion.

The Barrackpore Cantonment is a Class II Cantonment Board. Presently, the Cantonment is governed by the Cantonments Act, 2006 and various Policy letters and Instructions of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Government of India issued from time to time. Though the Board functions as a local municipal body, yet it is under the administrative control of Directorate General Defence Estates (DGDE), New Delhi and Principal Director, Defence Estates, Eastern Command, Kolkata.

Area 910.011 acres
Population 23266(as per Census 2011)
Location Latitude 22.760195
Longitude 88.371101
Year of Establishment 1765
Place of Interest Mangal Pandey Park, RCTC, Hooghly Retreat, Ferry Ghat, Gandhi Musuem, Ambedkar Park, Binda Baba Mandir, Race Course Area, Flag Staff House, Sambhunath Mandir, Diocese of Barrackpore.